Car Depollution Equipment

Iris-Mec’s depollution equipment, built to the highest standards in the industry, offers the largest range of purpose-built equipment for any size and type of operation. Whether you process a few cars per day or a mountain of scrap cars, we have the right solution for you.

Iris-Mec’s depollution equipment for ELV cars includes different types of working stands and lifts that can be incorporated with our drainage systems. Modular models like the IBE and IBC offer maximum flexibility with state of the art integrated hydraulic lifts and drainage systems. The compact IBQ system is an economical but very efficient solution, designed to save space while offering all required drainage systems in a built-in design, utilising a robust structure without using lifts. For operators seeking solutions to match with existing stands and lifts, we also have the ISQ system on offer. This smart drainage solution has high capacity to work with mechanical shop lifts and rigid stands.

Iris-Mec’s ELV depollution systems includes all of the equipment you need for liquids and fuel recovery from scrap cars. Our fuel recovery systems are designed with a specialised drilling tip that avoids sparking, allowing you to safely drill and recover fuel from fuel tanks. Oils, water and other liquids can also be recovered with our pneumatic drainage machines. Working only with air, they can drain all liquids safely and efficiently, during transfer to storage tanks.